Thursday, 31 August 2017

One-woman exhibition

at the VN Gallery in Zagreb

I take boxes different shapes and sizes, open them, transform them from a 3D object into a two-dimensional surface which will hold the text. Their inside I use as the walls of the house / book on which I will write. Writings in the inside of the book / house / box are left naked, unprotected with time, pages, movement of pages. Text  is visible immediately; the idea is being digested at once. I am taking away the element of time so I can see if the idea of the book will collapse or hold.

This exhibition represents just one part of my constant book explorations, physical and conceptual play which is fluid.
I perceive written words as objects. Small, big, round, flat, yellow, white, fragila, strong, cold, soft. (My) texts are just compositions of different words. They are not telling a story, they are not painting a picture. 
By default, they are trying to fing a meaning.

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